Plying the waters of beautiful Narragansett Bay, the Continental Sloop Providence serves as an innovative educational tool for teachers and offers a life-changing experience for students.

The Classroom Under Sail Program

The Providence Maritime Heritage Foundation launched Classroom Under Sail, the mainstay of its educational programming, in 1994 with financial support from the Rhode Island Foundation and the Prince CharitableTrusts. Since then, thousands of students from around Rhode Island have experienced the thrill of setting sail and the chance to "live history." Students participate in the hands-on activity of sailing a tall ship - both in "living history" and through lessons on teamwork, discipline and trust.

As one of America's first and most successful vessels to fight in the Revolutionary War, the Providence provides the perfect setting to engage and educate children about the American Revolution. Educational tie-ins to literature, marine science, geography, physics, algebra, maritime, cultural and ecological history, and astronomy are also incorporated into the program.

Goals of the Program:

Allows students to participate in the real life, hands-on activity of sailing a traditional tall ship - both in "living history" (sea-manship) and a lesson on team-work, discipline and trust.

Enables Teachers to use the American history embodied in the Sloop Providence as a starting point for educational activities. The stage of the Sloop Providence will allow us to focus on maritime, cultural and ecological history of the area.

Includes a wide variety of subjects: applied mathematics (through navigational techniques); discussion of man's impact upon the balance of nature, meteorology (weather); and physical sciences (i.e. movement of air and water, mechanical advantages of rigging, how these are used today as they were in the 18th century for effective transportation).

Trips are 3 hours long. For more information, contact Adria Lande, Education Director at
or call her direct line at 401-274-1776.

The Classroom Under Sail program has served over 10,000 participants from schools across Rhode Island. The program has been an enormous success, pleasing both students and their teachers. Evaluations from teachers and students are welcomed to help improve and refine the program.

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